Tampere University of Technology (TUT) operates since 2010 in the form of a foundation. At TUT, there are about 9,200 under- and post-graduate students (incl. 1400 international students) and 150 professors. PhD-students are trained within the framework of five faculty-specific doctoral programmes. Annually, TUT allocates some 4 M€ for doctoral education, i.e. funding for salary costs of about 120 doctoral students and networking actions in the doctoral programmes.

TUT has a 50-year track-record in collaborative research with the industry. TUT cofunds the TUTLI programme offering flexible and fast environment for evaluating and developing research results into business. TUT’s EU support team deals with legal, financial and administrative issues of EU projects.

In FP7, TUT had with 83 projects the fourth largest portfolio of all Finnish participants and TUT was the third largest receiver of JTI-grants. TUT has the fourth largest FP7-project portfolio of all Finnish universities, and it is first in number of FP7 projects per professor. In FP7, TUT participated in 14 MSC actions. Currently in H2020, TUT is a coordinator in 2 MSCA-ITN projects and a partner in 4. In addition, TUT participates in 2 RISE projects and in one NIGHT. TUT is also participating in 27 research projects (RIA, IA & CSA) in H2020.